April PTSA Agenda

PTSA – TONIGHT April 9, 6pm, Media Center

Care Depot: Bring your laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, and toiletries donations!

Tonight many volunteers needed to coordinate a number of upcoming events!

  • Dr. Argent – Academics and RESTART Updates
  • Plan Academic Recognition Night 4/23
  • Co-coordinate Book Fair with Librarian Kristel Behrend 4/23-4/27
  • Organize breakfasts for Saturday AP Practice Tests Tentative 4/14 & 4/28
  • Organize Teacher Appreciation Week 5/7-11
  • Recruit officers and committee chairs for 2018-2019

FRESHMAN EXAMS Most Freshman will be taking 5 Final Exams.  There are a few exceptions so please check your child’s schedule or with his/her teachers.  On 5/29 and 5/30 Students will be finished with their exam around noon. They may be checked out at that time, or stay and have study hall the remainder of the day.  Exams will count for 20% of the final grade for each class.


  • Tuesday 5/29- Math 1 (EOC – result on NC Report Card)
  • Wednesday 5/30- Biology (EOC – results on NC Report Card)
  • Thursday 5/31- World History/English
  • Friday 6/1- Math II and Make-Ups



March Update

Teacher of the Year – PTSA Board Emailed a vote to dedicate $150 to purchase 3 tickets to “WCPSS Teacher of the Year Banquet.” Mr. Hinnant, his guest, and an administrator will attend. (Tipfanie, Shannon, Judy, Mona, and Josie – made a motion and passed.). We will be intentional about including this in 2018-2019 budget.  Mona has sent check and form for tickets to Wake PTA.

Freshman Advisory – Twenty parents attended and gave feedback on new school mission, learned more about mental health issues facing our teens, and learned about registration process. Be knowledgeable about your child’s choices including FREE opportunities at Wake Tech!  Go to Student Services LINK.  One important concern that came out of this meeting is PTSA’s need to advocate and communicate after-school transportation options so that more students can get involved with sports and clubs.

AdvancED AccreditationFour PTSA parents (Lisa Bulls, Kimberly Pellom Fennell, Shannon Hardy, Chaunte Saunders)  joined five Business Partners in a March 27th meeting with AdvancedED to discuss KHSCD’s Accreditation. Observations:

  1. We have dedicated business partners!  All want to do more, and PTSA needs to work to bridge this partnership beyond school administration.  There is tremendous opportunity – specific to advocacy and creating work experience (mentors, shadowing, internships, and jobs).
  2. We (the community) need to do a better job of advocating for resources and funding for KHSCD. A number of discrepancies were brought to light, and need to be brought to the attention of WCPSS. Tom Oxnard, the chair of the Business Alliance, offered to join Lisa Bulls and Shannon Hardy in identifying these concerns and developing an advocacy strategy.
  3. It was clear to us that both the Business Alliance and PTSA parents value school leadership, teacher passion, and student leadership.  Many examples were given where relationships and student actions demonstrate our positive school culture. A great deal of pride was shared.
  4. Parents expressed continued concern for rigor, recruitment of master teachers, and reducing teacher turnover.
  5. Parents also expressed concern about communication with parents.  Where we believe students are receiving communication we felt communication is a barrier for parents.  This prevents parent engagement.

DATES TO REMEMBER – PTSA events & meetings

2017-2018 WCPSS School Calendar

  • Weather Make Up Days
  • 4/14 Tentative AP Practice Test
  • 4/18 Senior Graduation Parent Meeting 9:30 am
  • 4/19 Cap and Gown Delivery
  • 4/23 Academic Recognition Night
  • 4/23-27 Book Fair
  • 4/25 Freshman Student Led Conferences 2:30-4pm
  • 4/28 Tentative AP Practice Test
  • 5/7-18 AP Exams
  • 5/7 PTSA Meeting 6pm Media Center
  • 5/7-11 Teacher Appreciation Week
  • 5/15 Make Up Cap and Gown Delivery
  • 5/17  Senior Awards 6:30pm
  • 5/19 Freshman EOC Review Math and Biology 9-12pm (Saturday)
  • 5/25 Senior Spring Fling
  • 5/29 Exams begin.
  • 6/11  Last Day of School – Make Up Jan 18
  • 6/11 PTSA Meeting 6pm

STUDENT SERVICES – from Dean of Students Erica Clarkson

  • Erica Clarkson, Dean of Students
  • Taisa Sanders, Freshman Advisor, 480 freshman only
  • Athena Kifah, Sophomore Advisor,  400 students 10-12 grade alpha
  • Kate Davis, Junior Advisor, 400 students 10-12 grade alpha
  • Jessica Holmes, Senior Advisor, 400 students 10-12 grade alpha
  • Jessica Martz Crisis/Care Depot

** PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO FOLLOW Student Services ON TWITTER (@KHSCDCounselors) and ADD yourself to your graduation year groups REMIND account.

Freshmen TEXT @khscd21 to 81010
Sophomores TEXT @khscd20 to 81010
Juniors TEXT @khscd19 to 81010
Seniors TEXT @khscd18 to 81010

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