Any parent, family member, friend, or community member is invited to support academics at Knightdale High School by volunteering on behalf of the PTSA.

  1. Membership is $10 Adults/$5 Students  ($4 to NC PTSA and $6 to KHS PTSA)  FORM
  2. Paypal LINK


Questions contact our KHSCD PTSA Treasurer Mona Chevis: khsptsatreasury@gmail.com20170824_132120


Contact KHS PTSA: khscdptsa.info@gmail.com

  • President –  Shannon Hardy
  • Co- Vice President/Community in Schools Reservations – Josie Van Dyke
  • Co-Vice President/Knights of Roundtable – Gina Chambers
  • Secretary –  Judy Boone
  • Treasurer – Mona Chevis
  • Communication Director – Tipfanie Suitte
  • Knights of the Roundtable- Kristin Poirier
  • Membership – Amanda Coe
  • School Improvement Team – Vicky McCue
  • Advocacy -Lisa Bulls
  • Care Depot – Glenda Brooks
  • Dances – Dushun McGowan, Syrana Perkins Smith
  • Photographer – Rich Levine, Thomas Beam

2017-2018 Agenda Notes

Knightdale High School PTSA is a member of the NC Parent Teacher Student Association.

  • 2017-2018 NC PTA Blue Key Award
  • 2017-2018 $50 for 50 new members beyond last year!
  • 20015-2016  NC PTSA Honor Roll
  • 2015-2016 NC PTSA Blue Key Award
  • 200 members and friends on our Email list


Members as of November 2015

NC PTA Member Benefits

National PTA Member Benefits

National Parent Teacher Association

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