“A Tree Begins with a Seed”

KHSCD Parents, Teachers, and Students,

We hope you all enjoyed the icy weekend locked in with your family and pets.  If feeling a little stir crazy we have a few new volunteer needs to get you out on the town!

PTSA Officer Nominations – We are seeking nominations/volunteers to join our momentum in support of academics for 2016-2017!  None of our current parent leaders are abandoning the ship.  We are all invested for the long haul, but many of us are senior and junior parents, and we want to step down while we are still here to support a new group of PTSA officers.  We are specifically seeking a vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and volunteer coordinator. There are also a number of committees like Teacher Gratitude and Academic Recognition that also need leadership.  Please Email knightdaleptsa@gmail.com if you are interested in joining.

Rising 9th Grader Open House (Wed, February 24th) SPREAD THE WORD!  We  would also love to have a few parent volunteers to help with the PTSA table.  The more the merrier as we mingle with new families, work to gather rising 9th grade parent Emails, and help to answer questions!  Rising 9th Grade Open House Flier

2016 has kicked off with GREAT ENERGY!  A few fast bullets to catch everyone up!

  • January faculty luncheon was a fabulous success!
  • Dr. Argent held his first Parent Summit with over 15 parent participants including many future parents from East Wake Middle and Wendell Middle.  If you are interested in joining this group please go to the following link.  We can have no shortage of parents that want to help shape the future of our community by shaping our community’s high school.
  • “Knightdale High turnaround took working smarter and harder.” EdNC.org published a piece about our transformation and a few senior perspectives.
  • Our school’s performance from first semester continues to show improvement!  One exciting piece is that 95% of courses taken were passed.  This is up significantly from previous semesters, but what meant most to me as a parent is not the statistic. It was inspired by Dr. Argent’s response to the 5% that didn’t pass. It was a compassionate view assuring the a group of parents that the faculty knows who these children are, and will meet with each and every one to find out what they need to be successful!

“And the 5% that didn’t pass, this year we know exactly who they are and we will meet with each of them to find out what they need.”  – Dr. Argent, Principal

  • Academic Recognition Night Special thanks to student MC Jada Johnson and speaker Nation Hahn. Please go to the link for more pics and Honor Roll lists.  Save the date for our Quarter 3 Honor Roll Celebration, April 11th.  If you have suggestions for future speakers or know a student that wants to be an MC please Email srhardy70@gmail.com.

    Save the Dates 

  • February 24 Rising Freshman Open House 6:30-8pm
  • March 7 PTSA Meeting 6-7pm, Media Center
  • April 4 PTSA Meeting 6-7pm, Media Center
  • April 11 PTSA General Meeting/Q3 Academic Recognition Night 6:30pm
  • May 2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week
  • June 12 Graduation


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