PTSA Planning 2019-2020

Dear Parents,

Today I spoke with Sharon Privette, Jonathon Culbreth’s mother.  Her son (a junior) was murdered at a party a week ago, and his funeral service is today.  I asked if PTA can organize a Go Fund Me to support funeral costs.  She expressed gratitude and politely refused any gifts of money.  She said she wants us all to pray.  She wants us to pray for understanding and love for our gay children.  She asked that we pray for violence among our teens to end.  She expressed gratitude for all of the teachers and administrators that consistently supported her son at Knightdale High.

Her eloquent words give me pause.   All the things happening in the world, and our most important challenges are here at Knightdale High.  We have an opportunity to close achievement gaps, end racism, end violence, and create respect and tolerance around sexual orientation, gender, and age.  Our teachers are in this work every single day, and over and over are praised for their tireless efforts.  I continue to ask what more can I do as a parent to build a large, strong, loving community in support of our children as they become the very best adults they can be.

With that I invite you to help us strengthen PTSA! 2019-2020 PLANNING MEETING TONIGHT (Monday, 6/3), 7pm, STARBUCKS (by Best Buy)

School Board member for District 1, Heather Scott, will be joining us from 7pm-7:30pm to discuss our concerns around academic achievement and this transition as we seek a new principal. Our PTSA audit and designation of new leaders will begin at 7:30pm.  New leadership is needed!  Please join if interested in becoming a committee leader or officer.  We have great parents returning from last year!

Special thanks to senior parent, Anne Marie Jones, for sponsoring senior fees for nine seniors!  We hope we can find future Knight families to continue this tradition –  as Anne Marie leaves KHSCD when her son graduates this year.

Also thanks to Rolonda Matlock, Judy Boone, Shashawnda Carlton, Christy Perry, Lisa Chisolm-Ellis, Tipfanie Suitte, Tina Howard, Oyetumi Taiwo, and Shannon Hardy for your Smart Snack donations for last Saturday’s Study Sessions!

We look forward to next year!



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