KHSCD Seniors Designing Their Futures

Parents please help me include KHSCD seniors in an article I’m trying to write for  If you have a senior or know one please pass this link on to them.  I want to get a broad view of where they are right now.  LINK to the survey.
Dear Seniors,
I’m a KHSCD PTSA parent and I want to write an article capturing your stories.  (I am also the parent that writes the PTSA website and newsletters.)  I was so impressed by the 700 honor roll students at our November Academic Recognition Night, and I want to tell your story!
There is a lot of discussion in the state of North Carolina about “failing schools,” but what people are not capturing are the successes inside these schools.  KHSCD is in an amazing turnaround, but so many of you have thrived all along despite Knightdale High’s data.  I wonder how you thrived in a low-performing high school?  How does the high school’s transformation impact you as you move into this next phase of your life?  Has your view about learning changed in the last year?  What does the process of applying for colleges change in your thinking?  I want to capture some of your stories as best as I can and publish in
If you want to be part of this please complete the survey below.  If you are under 18 you will need to include at least one guardian in the permissions at the end. Also feel free to Email me a picture of you for the article!  Selfie’s welcomed, be creative with your pictures.  Can be senior portraits, or something less formal, but must be you alone.  Make sure your full name is in the subject or content of Email.
Looking forward to learning from all of you!
Shannon Hardy, PTSA Communications
(and more importantly…Brenna’s mom)

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