“The world we have created is a product of our thinking.  It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” – Albert Einsteind5879fc15a7103f10a37f780c761cc55.jpg

We cannot help but have heavy hearts this fall, but please join the PTSA in being the change you want to see.  We must hold the positive even when everything in the news tells us that things are very, very wrong.  A terrible massacre, nuclear threats, hurricanes and mainstream racists.  Our teens must know we believe we can change thinking.

Please help us support our children, and their dedicated faculty. A faculty that values Capturing Kids Hearts and Project Based Learning.  A faculty that is working closely with Campbell Law School to decrease conflict and support Restorative Justice.   A faculty that comes in two weeks before all other faculties, and works a longer school year just to prepare deeper, more meaningful lessons for our children


.A faculty that has created a food pantry that includes meat, fresh produce, household cleaning supplies, and toiletries for our community’s neediest children!  Our CARE DEPOT turns no one away, and includes enough for younger siblings at other schools. If you work and cannot deliver, do not worry.  You can order through AmazonSMILE and they will deliver for you.


What can you do this month?

  • Become a PTSA member.
  • Become a Knight of the Roundtable and make a tax deductible donation.
  • 3 volunteers needed this week for football concessions. SIGN UP
  • Donate to our Care Depot
  • Use AmazonSMILE and link to “PTA North Carolina Congress dab Knightdale High School PTSA”
  • Represent PTSA on the Student Services Freshman Parent Advisory

Next month attend our November Meeting 11/6 at 6pm Media Center.

  • Plan Academic Recognition Night Nov. 20
  • Plan our Winter Teacher Appreciation
  • Plan our Winter “Snow Ball” Semi-Formal Dance
  • Develop strategies to continue to improve our academic rigor.

October Calendar

  • 10/3 Wake Tech CCP Info Session 10-12th grades learn to earn college credit while at KHSCD
  • 10/9 Freshman Parent Advisory Committee 6-7pm
  • 10/11 PSAT (10-12 graders)
  • 10/12 Josten’s Class meetings to discuss ring and senior orders info
  • 10/12 6pm PTSA Fundraise $125 Working JV Football Concessions (vs. Rolesville) SIGN UP
  • 10/16-27 Suicide Awareness/Prevention Classroom guidance lessons (ALL 9th grade and 1st semester English 12th graders)
  • 10/18 Class Ring Order Day (during lunch)
  • 10/19 Senior Order Day (during lunch and 5-6:30pm)
  • 10/26  6pm PTSA Fundraise $125 Working JV Football Concessions (vs. Corinth Holders) SIGN UP
  • 10/30 End of Quarter 1
  • 11/6 Next PTSA Meeting 6pm Media Center


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